Metal Roof Panels

Installed by Richard Siding Company, Franklin Park, IL

Metal roofing continues to grow as an alternative to shingle and other roofing materials. They are a long lasting, durable, and low maintenance system. The life-cycle cost of a metal roof is surprisingly low. Custom length panels are available in the following materials and profiles:


  • 16oz or 20oz copper
  • 16oz or 20oz Freedom Gray
  • 24 gauge kynar steel
  • 032 kynar aluminum


  • 1" double lock. 12"-24" wide on center
  • 1.5" double lock. 12"-24" wide on center
  • 1.75" snap lock. 12"-22" wide on center

Oil-Canning in metal roofs has long been a concern for metal roof panels. Oil-Canning appears as a "waviness" in the flat area of the metal panels. There are many reasons that oil-canning can occur. Some of the main reasons are:
- Waviness in the deck below the panel. If the wood decking below the panels aren't flat, it can distort the appearnace of the metal panel.
-Stresses on metal coils during coil production. The coils we use are tensioned leveled as to negate this affect.
-Fasteners. Panel roofs need to be designed to "float" on the roof. This means that a combination of fixed roof clips and expansion clips need to be considered with htis type of roof. If too many fixed clips are used on long roof panels, the thermal expansion of the metal can force the metal to buckle.

Oil -Canning is not a cause for rejection of panels.

We offer "pencil-ribbing" to help minimize the possibility of Oil-Canning

Metal Roof Panels
Curved copper panels
Curved copper panels
Curved copper panels 2
Single lock panels and ridge
Curved copper panels 3
Copper panel roof
Christy Metals Awning
Bay window
Curved copper penny panels
1 inch Double Lock
1.5 inch Double Lock
1.75 inch snap lock panel
Panel Striation Option
Bead Rib Option
Convex Curved Double Lock 1 inch and 1.5 inch

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