Interior custom metal work

Hoods and Tops
Stainless hood 4
Stainless hood 4
Stainless hood 3
Zinc Hood
Zinc Hood 2
Sterling Wilson Copper Hood
Sterling Wilson Copper Hood 2
Cheese cake copper top
Coffee Table
Diamond plate coffee table
Flat copper bar top
Hammered copper hood
Hammered copper hood 2
Copper drying rack
Hammered copper hood 3
installed copper bar top
Bathroom sink
pitcure frame
Steel dragon table
Star pictures
Hood base
Copper lamp shades
Custom mailbox
motorcyle picture
Copper portrait
Stainless planter
Copper bar top 5
Copper bar top 6
Copper bar top 7
Copper Hood 1
Copper kitchen table
copper sink detail
Copper top with sink
sink with faucet
Stainless hood 4
Stainless tops
Stainless tops 2
Finnegan hood 2
Copper hood with button head straps

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