Copper Sheet
Copper Sheet

Copper is sheet is typically bought and sold by the pound. The thickness of the sheet is measured in ounces per square foot rather than "gauge" which describes the thickness of steel sheets. 16 ounce copper, therefore, weights 1 pound per square foot. Therefore a 3' x 10' sheet of 16 ounce copper would weigh 30 pounds. 20 ounce copper weighs 1.25 pounds per square foot and is therefore 25% thicker than 16 ounce copper.

Our Copper Sheet and Coil is typically either alloy 110 or alloy 122. In either case, our copper sheets are 99.9% pure copper and is 100% recyclable. This means when one of our copper products reaches the end of its life span, some of the cost of that product can be recouped by selling it to a recycling center.

Specialty Copper

Chris Industries also carries various specialty copper sheet products including:
Freedom Grey Roofline

Freedom Gray Copper by Revere- a zinc/tin alloy coated copper which retains the malleability and longevity of copper with a weathered gray appearance.

Soft Copper- Copper Sheet that comes in a soft temper. This provides additional malleability for certain copper projects.

TECU-Brass- a copper and zinc alloy that has been specially designed for use on facades. After initial matting, the surface takes on a yellowish-brown tone which slowly turns grayish-brown before evolving into a dark bronze-anthracite color.

TECU-Bronze- a copper-tin alloy which is a much harder material than regular copper. The oxidation process is much slower than with traditional copper.

TECU-Zinn- a specially tinned and surface-treated on both sides to create a matte grey surface. The surface continues to develop further over time on exposure to the atmosphere. The result is a warm, matte grey color which harmonizes excellently with other building materials. TECUŽ Zinn is protected by patent and is available in TECUŽ strips and in a number of special formats. This material gives architects looking to create a light, grey surface many interesting design possibilities. When using TECUŽ Zinn they also get all the technical advantages of copper, such as durability and workability in cold temperatures.

TECU-Oxid- TECUŽ Oxid is a specially treated in a patented industrial process in which TECUŽ strips are oxidized on both sides leaving the copper an oxidized brown color. . This is not an artificial coloring process or coating, but rather an oxidized layer which is created from the surface of the copper itself. The surface further develops into the natural oxide layer in the course of weathering.

TECU-Gold- is a copper and aluminum alloy. The original shiny golden color of the surface goes through characteristic changes when exposed to normal weathering. After the initial matting, a golden and yellowish oxidation layer gradually emerges, and this changes over time into a soft golden color. The patinization processes does not give rise to any further intensive coloring on facade surfaces. TECUŽ Gold offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as excellent stability and material rigidity. The material can be easily cold-shaped and processed using standard techniques. Because of its special material characteristics, TECUŽ Gold is also well suited for large-area applications.

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